Refill Cartridges (Secret Garden Extracts)

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Oil Type: C02-Extracted Distillate

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Secret Garden Extracts – Refill Cartridges

Independently lab tested at ~77% THC! 

Secret Garden Extracts is a company that specializes in various botanical extraction methods which produce the purest natural alternative to traditional treatments. They hope to continually build upon their work and allow those to benefit from the best holistic treatment modalities to date.

Available in a wide variety of strains, cartridges contain .5ml of Secret Garden‘s CO2-extracted distillates.

“Activated” concentrates are created by a chemical reaction known as decarboxylation. The high pressure, and resulting temperatures of the CO2 extraction process decarboxylates the cannabinoids at the same time. This converts them to their active forms.

Check out the Secret Garden Extracts facebook page here. Overall, we’re happy to carry their products on our vaping menu!

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Laughing Buddha 0.5ml, Pink Tahoe 0.5ml, Ghost Train Haze 0.5ml, Lemon Drop 0.5ml, Gods Green Crack 0.5ml