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Dutch made LSD blotters made of the finest LSD crystals we could get our hands on.

Lab results:
The blotters are lab tested. They contain 300ug of pure LSD, no other substances or adulterants were found.

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LSD also known as acid or LSD-25 is a non-addictive psychoactive drug. The drug derived from a fungus, known as ergot, was discovered by accident in Albert Hofmann’s laboratory.
LSD is known for its perception altering properties, users of the drug describe it as stepping into a whole new world. LSD works around the same areas of the brain responsible for dreaming. This is what causes the distorted world vision and sometimes vivid hallucinations.
LSD is nontoxic, it’s virtually impossible to overdose on LSD.

Appearance and size:
The LSD blotters are regular sized and painted with a picture of the iconic mayan calendar.

Always be cautious about the consequents of drug abuse.
Use drugs for recreational purposes only and inform yourself before taking any substance.

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