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Speed is a generic term for amphetamines. It has been used as medicine, weight loss drug and as stimulant for soldiers. These days it’s also used as party drug. But amphetamines are not without risks, so here are the do’s and don’ts. Eat well before, during and after you use speed to reduce the hangover. Think of nuts, broccoli, kiwis or salty snacks. If solid food is hard to eat, just make yourself a smoothie. Prevent hyperthermia by resting enough and not wearing warm clothes or headgear. Drink no more than two glasses of liquid per hour to prevent hyperhydration. If you’ve snorted amphetamine, clean your nose with a spray or swab before sleeping. Swallowing is safer than snorting, because of the risk of nasal damage and addiction.

Chew sugar-free gum during your trip… to stimulate saliva production and prevent teeth grinding. And always have your amphetamine tested. The don’ts: don’t use speed to combat depression or fatigue… as this can lead to addiction. Don’t use speed with diabetes, high blood pressure, a weak heart…. epilepsy or mental problems. Don’t use someone else’s snorter, as it may contain remnants of other drugs. Never combine speed with other drugs or alcohol. That’s too risky and dangerous. What is also dangerous and stupid is to participate in traffic on speed, so don’t. You can watch how Rens takes speed in our other video, which is also online. And I’ll see you next time.

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