What Happens When You Take Steroids?

This episode is supported by Himes. With over three million Americans using the steroid, the desire to gain muscle mass is high But what happens to your body when you take a steroid? Are there significant risks to performance enhancing drugs? Every time you lift weights in the club, your muscles are torn However, the body heals by creating new protein strands to repair the muscle fibers. With the passage of time the number and density of these strands increases Ultimately if your protein synthesis is higher than your protein content is broken down, your muscles will get bigger Testosterone regulates the degree of growth by increasing protein synthesis It is the reason men gain muscle for women, because they have higher levels of testosterone A steroid is any compound of four specific carbon rings The name steroid actually includes some chemical compounds that can be used to treat heat and headaches And even sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

But the type of steroid we will focus on is one that mimics natural testosterone in order to improve performance Which is used by more than 15% of athletes. Within the first day of using the steroid your gene expression will begin to change. The steroid enters cells easily and binds to the androgen receptor At this point, it can transfer to the nucleus and attach to DNA This would turn on hundreds of genes that increase protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown. Steroid users can have three to five times the nuclei in some muscle cells. Steroids can also stop the differentiation of fat stem cells It reduces the percentage of fat in the body.

And within days your muscles will increase in size and strength rapidly While keeping your muscle fibers from tearing, which makes an ideal steroid to endure exercise and recover too But if you continue to use it, your behavior will start to change And because of the presence of steroid receptors in parts of the central nervous system Like the forebrain, pituitary and hypothalamus, steroids can trigger a rage A study of athletes taking the steroid showed that 20% of them developed higher degrees of mania and depression compared to the non-users. Also, mice that were given steroids over a period of ten weeks became more aggressive against other mice in the same cage Male mice also became more dominant and willing to compete for sex with the female mice But this sexual desire may not imply better sexual performance. For female users Steroids can interfere with the cycle of heat and reduce sexual desire.


Masculinity may also occur in women with the acquisition of a masculine voice and the increased growth of facial and body hair. Male users may experience sperm cell abnormalities and decreased sperm count. The steroid also reduces the natural production of hormones necessary to maintain testicle size Which means testicles shrink. Since most steroid users follow periods of use and discontinuation of doses The normal levels of Testosterone may be low at times Causing erectile dysfunction and reducing male sexual desire. In 40% of male users, there is an increase in the pectoral tissue while the steroid is broken down into estradiol Which stimulates the growth of breast tissue. Finally, steroids can cause high rates of acne in half of the users It increases the risk of heart disease and strokes Yes, the steroid will make you swell quickly and improve your athletic performance But like most things, there are many risks and side effects that can happen to you.

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