Your Brain on LSD and Acid

LSD, also known as acid, It is a psychedelic drug that will change your perception and make you hallucinate. But how does it affect your body and your head? In 1938, humans first extracted and synthesized Lysergic acid diethylamide from a fungus growing on rye. In 1943, the inventor Albert Hofmann accidentally ate some LSD on his fingers. He was high, and became the first person in the world to understand the psychedelic effects of LSD.

In the 1950s and 1960s, people studied this drug. But as recreational use began to proliferate, Psychedelic drugs were classified as illegal drugs in the United States (American Standard Schedule I), and research projects were stopped. Generally, the dosage of drugs is calculated in grams, and the amount of a serving of LSD is one hundred thousandths of a gram. It is about one-tenth the weight of a grain of sand. LSD affects many brain receptors, such as dopamine receptors, adrenergic receptors, and glutamate receptors. But most research focuses on the stimulation of serotonin receptor 5H2TA, LSD binds to the receptor through an abnormal angle, causing the receptor to cover the LSD, Then LSD is trapped in the receptors, constantly generating signals to the nerve receptors, causing you to hallucinate.

By absorbing 5TH2A receptors into cells, your body will slowly break down LSD, But this may take more than 12 hours, so the psychedelic effect can last a long time. Recently, there has been more research on LSD, with modern neural image technology, Researchers have found that this drug can make some parts of your brain communicate very strange, especially in the visual cortex. This may explain those complex and bright (visual) hallucinations. The blood flow in the Default mode network has also increased, which may be related to a strong change in consciousness. This feeling is called “self-dissolving”, which means that the boundaries that separate you from the things around you no longer exist and you “melt” into the world. Many people say that this feeling makes them seem to re-establish a connection with themselves, others, and the natural world. In one study, 20 healthy volunteers who took 75 micrograms of LSD were observed. 2 weeks later, Their scores for optimism and openness in the personality assessment were improved.

Creativity and imagination have also increased. This led researchers to consider whether LSD could be used as a treatment for death anxiety and life-threatening diseases. Researchers found that 12 months after taking LSD, patients’ anxiety decreased, The quality of life has improved, and drugs (LSD) have helped them re-establish their habits and worldview. This is why the trend of low-dose use is rising, Taking only one-tenth of the usual recreational dose, people try to skip hallucinations, Just experience the increased awareness, vitality, and creativity. Although LSD is considered not to be addictive, researchers also assessed it as much less dangerous than other drugs. Such as cocaine and heroine. But there is very little scientific research to explain Why is the use of small doses so popular, and even experienced psychedelic users sometimes experience bad things, There is unprovoked fear, paranoia, and panic.

LSD may also flash back, even if a few months have passed, You can also feel the effect of the medicine again. In some extreme cases, Some people will get Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, which means hallucinations are always there. It is an exaggeration to think that LSD will cause mental illness or suicide. In the US survey, among those who have used psychedelics (14% of the participants) No increased risk of mental illness, depression, or suicide was found. But research on the potential positive effects of LSD is also very shallow. So you better not try. Want to learn more about the effects of drugs on your brain? Check out our playlist, which introduces many other substances, And how they affect you.

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Psychedelic Dissociative Drug Research Chemical Ephenidine (Legal High Trip Report)

all right there guys I’m back here with another video of a NOAA research chemical that I recently got the hands on I just wanted a bit of a different change recently basics that dom’s from Kevin maybe like a month or two months ago and I was feeling maybe some sort of like alternatives something else I might be interested in doing so I was looking at like disassociative anesthetics just anything which is similar to catenin that is from the legal high market well not the legal high market but the research chemical rocket actually found something I found Afeni dying they say I’ll just show you that there you go excuse my hand to midday for a night shift worker and I do like a really [ __ ] job anyway so this is funny dying basically I read a little bit on it by the way this is roughly I know this is probably about 4G she’s quite a large like you don’t really need a lot of this it’s pretty [ __ ] brutal it’s basically an anesthetic so it’s like a sedative sort of thing but it’s got psychedelic properties it’s kind of like ketamine plus like you’re about to go under an operation hospital which is already [ __ ] daring trust me so I can ridiculous I don’t advise actually taking this oh but I did right I’m just going to go through of it basically it was about 11 o’clock in the evening and I had it I tried a couple times I thought I need a couple of little lines but decided to drink at this time and they see I’ve got these scales which are I really crap scale so I not good at all I would show him that over there I’ll be asked to [ __ ] move them there’s there’s this [ __ ] does the scales are only like 0.2 or like zero point they see they only measure to Zhu it’s like one decimal point I think so look she goes 0.1 0.2 0.3 all the way up to 1 gram so to one decimal point so if you were to measure like larger amount or anything like that you wouldn’t be able to sorry if you were to measure smaller amounts you would male 2 I so obviously this is active at maybe 50 maybe like yeah 50 milligrams and I like forgot to check the dosages so I just went straight up tried to scale it up and I scaled roughly 0.2 think yeah 0.2 so by accident my Conover I literally the scale went from 0.0 0.2 just just went bump me being stupid thinking yeah that’s probably about right I definitely like should not have done that much up straightaway if any time you know just will show you one more time pentagons yeah some sketchy [ __ ] and I was drinking it in like some warm tea I was like it’s just not miss buck I’m just gonna I like I was watching ghost in the shell which is like this anime and I was like yeah this is sweet like just like not really feeling the effects but just feeling a bit more like I’m quite cozy just chilled out it’s like white evening no one was about my dad my dad was asleep or something so I was just like yeah this is pretty nice and like an hour in but when I was drinking it it was super bitter like this this tastes [ __ ] really bitter it’s awful awful awful [ __ ] taste I feels like hospital like it tasted no it tasted like bitter and like smell a little bit like hospital but only like a little bit like dirty Children’s Hospital the hospital anyway so the effects that come on in an hour and that’s just me like I was watching some anime on my TV just behind you just kept the camera and I was just like yeah game really involved into it like I just felt more emotionally sensitive to it um yeah that was good the TV like just getting into the visuals and stuff but it’s only when I got off my bed and like moved towards the kitchen we’re like I know is the slow like the slowness of like reality I wasn’t as sharp I wasn’t as on it I’m just looking smashing some [ __ ] you know my usual behavior just like skin oh yeah this is slowing down like things were like a bit more colorful visual and he kind of felt this sort of like heaviness in your body and in the scent the movement around it’s a sort of the slow-mo heavy sort of if you to smoke a little bit of indica almost little selfie sticks moving around yes so basically the onset was good and then literally cuz I’m feeling quite good as well maybe I’ll do some more I Basie it just got stronger and stronger and stronger and I got to the point where I was like [ __ ] basically incapacitated I’m about like to the point I was like [ __ ] what’s going on like the disassociative kind of comes in from side like the colourful like get so overwhelming that you begin to forget what is actually going on like you could I could make out what a bed was and like what window was but objects died to become not irrelevant but they started to become distanced like the connection between the self and the object would be destroyed so disassociation is the correct word for this naturally and the anesthetic was Laden but of the effects of similar to Caitlyn obviously sleepy drowsiness like thoughts which are not really in your own control so yeah all of this was happening it was getting stronger and stronger and stronger and no I got to the point was like I’d feel like jump on my floor and like do this weird [ __ ] like I thought I was like losing my mind complete which I was but it was so strong that I like even I can I just couldn’t handle it so I wasn’t it up on the floor and I was just doing this I was like like trying to get back into my body and I was like like [ __ ] hey Macarena this is way better this is some good things I’m getting back to it like like it felt like I was putting my blood back through my body like just getting involved and like just getting more alive and I just like [ __ ] me we’re still getting strong I’ve got just one bite just a lobster’s gum and eventually I got to the peak now this P lasted for about three hours again this is the point where it gets blurry because I don’t know whether I dosed again and I’m not sure because I remember getting out a like it’s more drank thinking like oh yeah this would be right and I remember scaling it but I don’t remember where I drank your locks I was that [ __ ] so there might be a chance am I done another 200 milligrams but um basically the only way to explain the peak was I got back onto my bed I couldn’t listen to music because I was so [ __ ] everything was just so overwhelming and it’s like I wanted to go to sleep but there was something inside me which was like ridiculously awake and like it was like terrifying this sort of I could have just like knocked myself out and just be like it would have been great I was woken up like probably trembling but basically what I done is you can’t really call it keyhole but fana dine a fella died a funny died [ __ ] a funny K hole in Bethany ball if any holes I suppose that sounds [ __ ] gross but yeah yeah I felt so I basically K hold and the is closed I visual TVs were phenomenal they were like sketchy [ __ ] landscapes with blue and black and brown lines it was like watching it from like a birds eye’s point of view but not right from top from a three-dimensional perspective so you’re up in the air in a corner of a box sort of you’re looking into the box and in the box there was like these weird sort of like were they there were like blocks moving in and out of each other like almost like lockpicks like weird lock pick lock things that was dope and it was all like coming together and like breaking apart and like weird things were coming up and this was just me like [ __ ] light tripping really hard and I was just watching this stuff and I was like what the [ __ ] is this like there’s some weird mechanism like trying to open up or close or trying to connect to itself and so that was it like it wasn’t so it was it was really nice like that’s pretty the part I enjoyed the most like when I opened my eyes it was like too much visual input and like almost not having the capacity to understand what was going on around inside and like this smell of [ __ ] Hospital was [ __ ] all over the shop and but yeah but this K whole thing was definitely the most interesting thing that the trip that’s probably why would do it again you had you you had so you had this trip which would last X part time obviously time dilation time again out of the window standard and it was like think about a bowling pin like stood up shaking like a leaf on them he doing this to people think about like a bowling pin and you know if it knocks over that wake and knock over anyway for injured 16 it was like multiple Afeni dean holes at the same time so i would go into that one and I would come out and I would then fall into sort of like a different cave a different affinity hole too bang into another life so I would come up I would lie be away from me 3040 seconds of live visual and I’ll go over douche and then I just go out bang into another trip for X amount of time and different things would be happening and then I’d come up bang into another one it was this she’s just like permanent I just want to call it a hauling or diff awning or e Eph Holman so like such a douche sometimes Wow yeah so basically I don’t about maybe eight or nine of these [ __ ] K home [ __ ] nipples just like permanently coming up going into another one ouch bang back into into another into anothe or internal into another one and I was just like smashed into pieces brother I was literally just saw off my not like just everything just felt Hospital a sketchy and I would do it again I would do it again but now you just gotta be careful about how much to take and just check the dosage stuff like that there’s a couple of different sounding ones as like [ __ ] methoxy definied een FN 18 methoxy definitely I finna Dean Definity on its own so there’s like four or five different substances you need here really if you’re gonna pick up anything like this you need to make sure you check the dosages and the names and link those two up together to get that working I want you to do that obviously yeah you’re kinda safe don’t do what I did I’m gonna say I definitely no deed on earth once again can I help myself

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