GHB: What You Need To Know

GHB is a depressant which has an endogenous role in the body its effects are reminiscent of those provided by alcohol but there are some key differences between them it’s used in medical settings for narcolepsy and other conditions for a while GHB was widely used by bodybuilders for its positive effects on growth hormone levels outside of recreational settings the drug is still used as a sleep aid by some people the positive effects of GHB include euphoria disinhibition enhanced sex drive sociability anxiety reduction and some elements of intact a genic effects its negative effects can include nausea dizziness drowsiness memory loss unconsciousness respiratory depression and braddock kardia compared to alcohol it generally comes with greater euphoria and more libido enhancing effects GHB s effects are very dose dependent at low doses such as 0.5 to 1.5 grams it can be similar to moderate alcohol intake providing relaxation enhance sociability disinhibition dizziness and some drowsiness with moderate doses of one to 2.5 grams there is more relaxation music enhancement a greater mood boost and more effects that would be noticeable to others like slurred speech and impaired motor coordination this is also when nausea and the libido enhancing effects are more likely to appear strong doses over 2.5 grams increase the chance of not feeling well you may be nauseous and have difficulty operating normally at the same time this dose range may come with even greater euphoria and pro-social effects someone who is quite sensitive could become unconscious with a dose under 3 grams because the effects will vary by person it’s always best to test low doses first it usually has far less of your hangover effects than alcohol with the most significant hangover including problems like brain fog and grogginess compared to alcohol and benzodiazepines GHB has better effects on sleep it doesn’t notably infringe on sleep quality but rather increases stage 3 & 4 slow-wave sleep while also improving REM quality sleep at common doses resembles normal sleep whereas you may be unable at high doses orally the drug lasts for 1.5 to 2.5 hours and has an onset of 10 to 20 minutes GHB is fairly easily synthesized from GBL and it often goes by the name sodium oxy bate an international name for the sodium salt of GHB endogenously it’s a metabolite of GABA and it can also be metabolized to raise GABA love it operates at the GHB receptor in GABA B receptors at normal endogenous levels it doesn’t appear to affect GABA B due to there being a high concentration requirement GHB receptor activation actually brings about excitatory actions so depressant effects are attributed more to gaba be agonism the substance may acutely raise prolactin in growth hormone levels it may also raise dine orphan levels though the importance of that action isn’t clear the drug was first isolated by Alexander Zaitsev a Russian chemist in 1874 it was then researched and synthesized by French physician Henri libera libera was investigating neurotransmitters in synthesized GHB as a GABA analog during the 1960’s it was studied for the treatment of anxiety depression and other conditions from the mid 1900s onward it was used at times for sleep induction and as an anesthetic GHB was used primarily in Europe for those purposes and it was eventually replaced by other drugs used with more widespread in the 1980’s it appeared in regular stores and was used by bodybuilders who believed it could substitute for or enhance steroids negative press attention grew in the 1990s and GHB was scheduled in the US in 2000 over the years GHB has been investigated for schizophrenia PTSD excessive sleepiness and Parkinson’s it’s still used as a prescription medicine under various names such as Iran for narcolepsy accurate dosing is difficult when the drug is used in a liquid form you cannot accurately dose without knowing the concentration of GHB so a small amount like 0.5 to 1 milliliter should be tested first orally a light dose is 0.5 to 1.5 grams a common dose is 1 to 2.5 grams and a strong dose is over 2.5 grams it’s illegal in the United States and it’s also illegal in Australia Canada Japan and the EU combining GHB with other depressants like alcohol benzodiazepines and opioids is particularly dangerous yet those combinations are very common in addition to drug combinations it can also be dangerous to combine GHB and breathing difficulties like sleep apnea particularly at high doses or when another depressant is involved by itself the drug is unlikely to be harmful for a healthy person when a common dose is used issues can arise with combinations frequent use and from high doses unconsciousness is likely to occur over 3.5 grams and death could occur around 7 to 10 grams with high doses coma severe respiratory depression severe bradycardia and convulsions are possible unconsciousness is common and while it’s not inherently dangerous it can leave you vulnerable and could be problematic if you vomit neurotoxicity has been brought up as a concern with chronic use but research demonstrating neurotoxicity occurred in rats and so far doesn’t appear to apply to humans withdrawal does exist with GHB when it’s used daily or near daily for long periods it can include things like anxiety insomnia tremors and agitation if you have any questions about GHB feel free to leave them in the comments section support on patreon is greatly appreciated so if you’d like to contribute you can head to classroom you can also contribute through paypal youtube or bitcoin using the address and links in the description you can connect with me on twitter at Seth a Fitzgerald and via email at the drug classroom at more information and links to references can be found on the TDC website using the link below

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