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Speed is a generic term for amphetamines. It has been used as medicine, weight loss drug and as stimulant for soldiers. These days it’s also used as party drug. But amphetamines are not without risks, so here are the do’s and don’ts. Eat well before, during and after you use speed to reduce the hangover. Think of nuts, broccoli, kiwis or salty snacks. If solid food is hard to eat, just make yourself a smoothie. Prevent hyperthermia by resting enough and not wearing warm clothes or headgear. Drink no more than two glasses of liquid per hour to prevent hyperhydration. If you’ve snorted amphetamine, clean your nose with a spray or swab before sleeping. Swallowing is safer than snorting, because of the risk of nasal damage and addiction.

Chew sugar-free gum during your trip… to stimulate saliva production and prevent teeth grinding. And always have your amphetamine tested. The don’ts: don’t use speed to combat depression or fatigue… as this can lead to addiction. Don’t use speed with diabetes, high blood pressure, a weak heart…. epilepsy or mental problems. Don’t use someone else’s snorter, as it may contain remnants of other drugs. Never combine speed with other drugs or alcohol. That’s too risky and dangerous. What is also dangerous and stupid is to participate in traffic on speed, so don’t. You can watch how Rens takes speed in our other video, which is also online. And I’ll see you next time.

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Man leaves behind videos detailing heroin use



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Your Brain on LSD and Acid

LSD, also known as acid, It is a psychedelic drug that will change your perception and make you hallucinate. But how does it affect your body and your head? In 1938, humans first extracted and synthesized Lysergic acid diethylamide from a fungus growing on rye. In 1943, the inventor Albert Hofmann accidentally ate some LSD on his fingers. He was high, and became the first person in the world to understand the psychedelic effects of LSD.

In the 1950s and 1960s, people studied this drug. But as recreational use began to proliferate, Psychedelic drugs were classified as illegal drugs in the United States (American Standard Schedule I), and research projects were stopped. Generally, the dosage of drugs is calculated in grams, and the amount of a serving of LSD is one hundred thousandths of a gram. It is about one-tenth the weight of a grain of sand. LSD affects many brain receptors, such as dopamine receptors, adrenergic receptors, and glutamate receptors. But most research focuses on the stimulation of serotonin receptor 5H2TA, LSD binds to the receptor through an abnormal angle, causing the receptor to cover the LSD, Then LSD is trapped in the receptors, constantly generating signals to the nerve receptors, causing you to hallucinate.

By absorbing 5TH2A receptors into cells, your body will slowly break down LSD, But this may take more than 12 hours, so the psychedelic effect can last a long time. Recently, there has been more research on LSD, with modern neural image technology, Researchers have found that this drug can make some parts of your brain communicate very strange, especially in the visual cortex. This may explain those complex and bright (visual) hallucinations. The blood flow in the Default mode network has also increased, which may be related to a strong change in consciousness. This feeling is called “self-dissolving”, which means that the boundaries that separate you from the things around you no longer exist and you “melt” into the world. Many people say that this feeling makes them seem to re-establish a connection with themselves, others, and the natural world. In one study, 20 healthy volunteers who took 75 micrograms of LSD were observed. 2 weeks later, Their scores for optimism and openness in the personality assessment were improved.

Creativity and imagination have also increased. This led researchers to consider whether LSD could be used as a treatment for death anxiety and life-threatening diseases. Researchers found that 12 months after taking LSD, patients’ anxiety decreased, The quality of life has improved, and drugs (LSD) have helped them re-establish their habits and worldview. This is why the trend of low-dose use is rising, Taking only one-tenth of the usual recreational dose, people try to skip hallucinations, Just experience the increased awareness, vitality, and creativity. Although LSD is considered not to be addictive, researchers also assessed it as much less dangerous than other drugs. Such as cocaine and heroine. But there is very little scientific research to explain Why is the use of small doses so popular, and even experienced psychedelic users sometimes experience bad things, There is unprovoked fear, paranoia, and panic.

LSD may also flash back, even if a few months have passed, You can also feel the effect of the medicine again. In some extreme cases, Some people will get Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, which means hallucinations are always there. It is an exaggeration to think that LSD will cause mental illness or suicide. In the US survey, among those who have used psychedelics (14% of the participants) No increased risk of mental illness, depression, or suicide was found. But research on the potential positive effects of LSD is also very shallow. So you better not try. Want to learn more about the effects of drugs on your brain? Check out our playlist, which introduces many other substances, And how they affect you.

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What Happens When You Take Steroids?

This episode is supported by Himes. With over three million Americans using the steroid, the desire to gain muscle mass is high But what happens to your body when you take a steroid? Are there significant risks to performance enhancing drugs? Every time you lift weights in the club, your muscles are torn However, the body heals by creating new protein strands to repair the muscle fibers. With the passage of time the number and density of these strands increases Ultimately if your protein synthesis is higher than your protein content is broken down, your muscles will get bigger Testosterone regulates the degree of growth by increasing protein synthesis It is the reason men gain muscle for women, because they have higher levels of testosterone A steroid is any compound of four specific carbon rings The name steroid actually includes some chemical compounds that can be used to treat heat and headaches And even sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

But the type of steroid we will focus on is one that mimics natural testosterone in order to improve performance Which is used by more than 15% of athletes. Within the first day of using the steroid your gene expression will begin to change. The steroid enters cells easily and binds to the androgen receptor At this point, it can transfer to the nucleus and attach to DNA This would turn on hundreds of genes that increase protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown. Steroid users can have three to five times the nuclei in some muscle cells. Steroids can also stop the differentiation of fat stem cells It reduces the percentage of fat in the body.

And within days your muscles will increase in size and strength rapidly While keeping your muscle fibers from tearing, which makes an ideal steroid to endure exercise and recover too But if you continue to use it, your behavior will start to change And because of the presence of steroid receptors in parts of the central nervous system Like the forebrain, pituitary and hypothalamus, steroids can trigger a rage A study of athletes taking the steroid showed that 20% of them developed higher degrees of mania and depression compared to the non-users. Also, mice that were given steroids over a period of ten weeks became more aggressive against other mice in the same cage Male mice also became more dominant and willing to compete for sex with the female mice But this sexual desire may not imply better sexual performance. For female users Steroids can interfere with the cycle of heat and reduce sexual desire.


Masculinity may also occur in women with the acquisition of a masculine voice and the increased growth of facial and body hair. Male users may experience sperm cell abnormalities and decreased sperm count. The steroid also reduces the natural production of hormones necessary to maintain testicle size Which means testicles shrink. Since most steroid users follow periods of use and discontinuation of doses The normal levels of Testosterone may be low at times Causing erectile dysfunction and reducing male sexual desire. In 40% of male users, there is an increase in the pectoral tissue while the steroid is broken down into estradiol Which stimulates the growth of breast tissue. Finally, steroids can cause high rates of acne in half of the users It increases the risk of heart disease and strokes Yes, the steroid will make you swell quickly and improve your athletic performance But like most things, there are many risks and side effects that can happen to you.

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Your Brain On MDMA

With an estimate of 2 million narcotic drugs being smuggled into the United States every day, ⅓ students Universities like Stanford say they have tried it, MDMA or “Molly” has become The most popular drug. But what is it exactly? How does it affect your body? Scientifically known as 3,4 methylenedioxymethylamphetamine “Ecstasy”, it is usually taken in pill form. It shall be composed of pure chemical substance. Ecstasy on the other hand, is the term MDMA It was modified chemically by adding other substances such as amphetamine and caffeine. In its pure form, MDMA affects neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals Your body conveys the messages, while also controlling other things like reactions and emotion And memory.

In particular, the neurotransmitter called serotonin controls appetite and sleep Memory, learning and in this case the mood. When something really great is going on in your life For example, when falling in love – there is an increase in the secretion of serotonin from the nerve cells Which ultimately stimulates your body and makes you feel happy. And it happens Also when you take in sufficient amounts of MDMA, these same cells are stimulated to secrete Massive amounts of serotonin, along with other neurotransmitters like dopamine and Norepinephrine, which leads to more electrochemicals being released in the brain. This change creates An intense experience of happiness, social feeling, increased empathy and the inability to sleep, This makes it one of the most popular party drug These feelings usually last about 3-8 hours, when the brain cells are normal To absorb serotonin, and to destroy it chemically, but because MDMA excretes too much Serotonin also destroys the body more than usual.

This means when your brain is working Due to normalcy, there are less amounts of serotonin available to bind to your receptors That makes you feel comfortable with regular events. This can also lead to dizziness In addition to side effects such as negative mood, depression, irritability and emotion Very tired Regardless of the negative effects, studies have demonstrated that MDMA can be used as a potential treatment for PTSD. And anxiety. PTSD patients generally have decreased brain communication Between the amygdala and the hippocampus (two regions of the brain), but an MRI analysis indicated that MDMA was effective It increases in the connections of these areas. However, this treatment is still somewhat controversial Studies in mice and monkeys have shown that even small amounts of MDMA are not just harmful Brain cell endings that are involved in the release of serotonin are also potentially Cause permanent damage to the brain If you haven’t seen it already, we have a new video on gastronomy where We struggle with gastronomic challenges to show you how complicated eating can be! Click on the screen or use the link provided in the description box And subscribe for more weekly videos

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MDA – Do’s and don’ts | Drugslab

MDA is called the mother of MDMA. It’s not seen a lot in the Netherlands. But if you’re going to try MDA, here are the do’s & don’ts. The do’s: eat and drink well some three hours beforehand. Make sure you’re in a safe and familiar setting. Only use MDA if you feel physically and mentally well. Make few plans afterwards, as you may suffer from ‘suicideTuesday’… a day when you don’t feel altogether well. Some people say that L-Tryptophan helps you feel better and sleep well.

Eat healthily before and after taking MDA. Lots of vitamins and antioxidants. MDA may arouse you sexually, as your feelings get more intense. Always make sure you use a condom. Always have your pills, powder or crystals tested so you know what they contain. And drink a glass of water every hour to prevent overheating. The don’ts: never combine MDA with drugs, alcohol or medicines.


Participating in traffic is dangerous. Always wait until the next day. Never use MDA if you suffer from a weak heart, epilepsy or high blood pressure. It seems self-evident to me, but don’t use MDA if you’re pregnant. Don’t use it more than once every eight weeks and always observe the rule: 1 or 1.5 mg per kilo of body weight. Don’t drink more than two glasses of water per hour, to prevent water poisoning. And make sure you don’t get too warm, so don’t wear warm clothes or a cap. These were the do’s & don’ts. Taking drugs always involves risks… but at least follow these guidelines. To see Rens go out of his mind, watch our other video. Bye..

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I Use Ketamine for Depression – Here’s How It Works

– I’ve been really tired all of the time. Fatigue is back, such a bitch. – [Chase] Around 5 million people in the U.S. with depression don’t respond to commonly prescribed or recommended treatments. – It’s been making, like, doing regular day-to-day activities a lot harder. – For these people, therapy, antidepressants, physical activity don’t quell the condition. But there’s new hope on the horizon, ketamine. Long been known as a party drug and animal anesthetic, it’s one of the newest legal forms of medication to treat depression. Infusion centers are popping up all over the country. And now there’s even a pocket-sized version of the drug for really anyone to take a hit. – Ketamine completely wiped out my depression. I’m just as shocked as anyone else would be. I feel like this is the person that I’m supposed to be.

(upbeat music) – Over the past couple of week, I’ve felt like this, like a feeling of impending doom, some kind of a crushing weight coming down on me. – [Chase] Chris has suffered with depression since she was a teenager. – So depression is, it’s an interesting disease ’cause a lot of people think that depression is just being sad. But sadness is only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve finally talked to a psychiatrist about it. And she explained to be how depression worked in my brain.

And that it was probably something that I was going to deal with for the rest of my life. I wasn’t surprised, but it was also disheartening because managing something like that takes so much energy. – About one in three people in the U.S., including Chris, have treatment resistant depression. – [Chris] There’s a point where you can make yourself believe that you’re managing the symptoms. But it was pretty clear that that wasn’t what the case was any longer. – As we started doing research for the story, we came across Chris’s firsthand account on Reddit of her experience using ketamine for the first time to treat her depression. When we reached out, she was preparing to go back for a booster infusion, which is typically recommended every one to six months depending on the severity of the condition. – Today is the day of my next ketamine infusion.

I’m really excited because I’ve been kinda putting this off for a while. – [Nurse Practitioner] How have you been doing these last couple months? – I was okay for most of it, but the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling the symptoms coming back. – Deep breaths. – [Nurse Practitioner] You ready? – [Chris] I’m ready. – [Nurse Practitioner] Pressing start. I’ll see you in an hour. – All right. – [Chase] The flurry of activity around using ketamine to treat depression is recent. But the research goes back decades.

– I decided to try to use ketamine as a way to study the brain, human cognitive function in the early 1990s. – Dr. Krystal is one of the leading experts in this field. He pioneered research on ketamine’s effect on depressed patients and has continued his work since then by assisting in the development of the ketamine nasal spray. – We were really shocked by the fact that within several hours some people began to feel a little bit better. And by 24 hours, a number of the people that received ketamine felt all better or nearly all better. This was something that was unforgettable, that was shocking. (sophisticated music) – What really differentiates ketamine from common antidepressants is how it affects the brain. Ketamine can assist in repairing neurons and synapses that typically don’t function properly with depressed patients. Antidepressants usually focus on increasing chemicals in the brain like serotonin or dopamine. – Ketamine provokes a response in the brain. And it’s the adaptation to that provocation, the regrowth of synaptic connections that are responsible for the rapid improvement in mood. If you have treatment resistant depression and you go on an additional new medication, you have between about a 10 and 20% chance of response.

Ketamine produces response rates more like 50 to 80%. That’s a huge difference. – These dramatic results have been known in the scientific community for a long time. But ketamine is a part of a larger class of substances, where an anti-illicit drug attitude hinders further research and adoption. The good news, attitudes are changing, and access to the drug as a medication is becoming more readily available. For example, the FDA approved a nasal spray form of ketamine last year. Users can get relief in minutes or hours rather than weeks or months like the typical antidepressants. And having quick at-home relief is especially important for those who have severe depression. Chris and other patients use the nasal spray in addition to getting regular infusions. – All right, Christine. So how was that infusion? – It was good. – It was good? – Yeah. – Positive overall? – [Chris] Yes. – [Man] So I’m gonna try this out. – [Man] You should have some. – That was good. – The benefits of this drug are rapidly increasing access and opening up the door to new research for conditions beyond depression like PTSD, severe anxiety, chronic pain, and bipolar disorder.

Of course, with any drug, there are risks. Ketamine does have a record of abuse. Dr. Krystal says that sometimes the urgency of depression can result in people taking too much, which could eventually decrease the effectiveness and likelihood of long-term recovery. Also there are side effects of ketamine. And research on long-term use is still pretty thin. Chris says the days after an infusion, she feels tired and forgetful.

But for her, those side effects don’t outweigh the drug’s benefits. We caught up with her a few days after her infusion to see how she was feeling. – It’s definitely like a night and day response. On Saturday, I felt totally fine. Like, I just woke up, and I felt very refreshed. I felt like I was in a great mood. And it feels like waking up from a bad dream. It feels like all of that fog just goes away. – We’re always fighting stigma in mental illness in our society. People with depression are stigmatized. That makes it difficult for people to get access to treatments. I think the way forward is not to ignore the past. We can’t pretend that ketamine is not a drug of abuse. But there are many, many medications which have risks. The therapeutic use of ketamine is embracing the risk, protecting people, and making sure people get the benefit they need. I’ve talked to many people who’ve benefited from ketamine. And each time I hear a new story about that, I just am so grateful that I had the opportunity to contribute to the benefits that people are deriving from ketamine.

It’s deeply meaningful. – I would like other people who’ve been through what I’ve been through to know that there’s an alternative treatment out there that can make you feel like the person you are supposed to be, the person that’s underneath all of that blanket of dampening gray that the depression creates. Just have that lifted and bloom and be the person that you wanna be. – Thanks for watching. For more dope science content, check out our website. And subscribe to Freethink for more videos every week..

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GHB: What You Need To Know

GHB is a depressant which has an endogenous role in the body its effects are reminiscent of those provided by alcohol but there are some key differences between them it’s used in medical settings for narcolepsy and other conditions for a while GHB was widely used by bodybuilders for its positive effects on growth hormone levels outside of recreational settings the drug is still used as a sleep aid by some people the positive effects of GHB include euphoria disinhibition enhanced sex drive sociability anxiety reduction and some elements of intact a genic effects its negative effects can include nausea dizziness drowsiness memory loss unconsciousness respiratory depression and braddock kardia compared to alcohol it generally comes with greater euphoria and more libido enhancing effects GHB s effects are very dose dependent at low doses such as 0.5 to 1.5 grams it can be similar to moderate alcohol intake providing relaxation enhance sociability disinhibition dizziness and some drowsiness with moderate doses of one to 2.5 grams there is more relaxation music enhancement a greater mood boost and more effects that would be noticeable to others like slurred speech and impaired motor coordination this is also when nausea and the libido enhancing effects are more likely to appear strong doses over 2.5 grams increase the chance of not feeling well you may be nauseous and have difficulty operating normally at the same time this dose range may come with even greater euphoria and pro-social effects someone who is quite sensitive could become unconscious with a dose under 3 grams because the effects will vary by person it’s always best to test low doses first it usually has far less of your hangover effects than alcohol with the most significant hangover including problems like brain fog and grogginess compared to alcohol and benzodiazepines GHB has better effects on sleep it doesn’t notably infringe on sleep quality but rather increases stage 3 & 4 slow-wave sleep while also improving REM quality sleep at common doses resembles normal sleep whereas you may be unable at high doses orally the drug lasts for 1.5 to 2.5 hours and has an onset of 10 to 20 minutes GHB is fairly easily synthesized from GBL and it often goes by the name sodium oxy bate an international name for the sodium salt of GHB endogenously it’s a metabolite of GABA and it can also be metabolized to raise GABA love it operates at the GHB receptor in GABA B receptors at normal endogenous levels it doesn’t appear to affect GABA B due to there being a high concentration requirement GHB receptor activation actually brings about excitatory actions so depressant effects are attributed more to gaba be agonism the substance may acutely raise prolactin in growth hormone levels it may also raise dine orphan levels though the importance of that action isn’t clear the drug was first isolated by Alexander Zaitsev a Russian chemist in 1874 it was then researched and synthesized by French physician Henri libera libera was investigating neurotransmitters in synthesized GHB as a GABA analog during the 1960’s it was studied for the treatment of anxiety depression and other conditions from the mid 1900s onward it was used at times for sleep induction and as an anesthetic GHB was used primarily in Europe for those purposes and it was eventually replaced by other drugs used with more widespread in the 1980’s it appeared in regular stores and was used by bodybuilders who believed it could substitute for or enhance steroids negative press attention grew in the 1990s and GHB was scheduled in the US in 2000 over the years GHB has been investigated for schizophrenia PTSD excessive sleepiness and Parkinson’s it’s still used as a prescription medicine under various names such as Iran for narcolepsy accurate dosing is difficult when the drug is used in a liquid form you cannot accurately dose without knowing the concentration of GHB so a small amount like 0.5 to 1 milliliter should be tested first orally a light dose is 0.5 to 1.5 grams a common dose is 1 to 2.5 grams and a strong dose is over 2.5 grams it’s illegal in the United States and it’s also illegal in Australia Canada Japan and the EU combining GHB with other depressants like alcohol benzodiazepines and opioids is particularly dangerous yet those combinations are very common in addition to drug combinations it can also be dangerous to combine GHB and breathing difficulties like sleep apnea particularly at high doses or when another depressant is involved by itself the drug is unlikely to be harmful for a healthy person when a common dose is used issues can arise with combinations frequent use and from high doses unconsciousness is likely to occur over 3.5 grams and death could occur around 7 to 10 grams with high doses coma severe respiratory depression severe bradycardia and convulsions are possible unconsciousness is common and while it’s not inherently dangerous it can leave you vulnerable and could be problematic if you vomit neurotoxicity has been brought up as a concern with chronic use but research demonstrating neurotoxicity occurred in rats and so far doesn’t appear to apply to humans withdrawal does exist with GHB when it’s used daily or near daily for long periods it can include things like anxiety insomnia tremors and agitation if you have any questions about GHB feel free to leave them in the comments section support on patreon is greatly appreciated so if you’d like to contribute you can head to patreon.com/scishow classroom you can also contribute through paypal youtube or bitcoin using the address and links in the description you can connect with me on twitter at Seth a Fitzgerald and via email at the drug classroom at gmail.com more information and links to references can be found on the TDC website using the link below

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Making Bubble Hash – Ice Water Hashish: Kyle “Elmo” Corrao

All right today we are here with Kyle Corrao and he is going to teach us how to make bubble hash at the Homegrown Healthcare of Maine so I’m Kyle I’ve got some trim here mixed up with some ice got some RO water the cleanest water that I can possibly get right here I got 20 gallon bubble bags on my blue bag is 220 red bag is 160 yellow bag is 73 and at the bottom there’s the white bag that’s 45 they’re all measured in micron units which is different than sift which is measured in LPI mix I’m just going to mix this up you just got to get your ice water material ratio down pretty good else you’re going to bust the ice up and create a lot of foam foam is no good mix this up sit here for a second add a little bit more ice so what I got here power drill battery drills aren’t usually strong enough I’ve got enough ice enough water enough trim I like to start with a slow agitation as to not bust up any of the ice-cubes With a drill and buckets you got to be really careful just cause you can really beat the material if you’re running it against the sides that will create foam and that will just make it really hard to run your hash to pull your bags rather so usually I’ll agitation here between like the two and five minutes the method we’re using we’re going to be doing this about exactly six times you have energy using a drill over a repeating as well aside from not having a cleaning machine you can control how much you agitate at the very end after you’re done you can really just beat it up as much as you like so here I’m going into my work bag pulling my 220 do you have any bubble bags that you would recommend BUBBLE I think is the top of the line that I’ve used says Bolt, Bubble um Bubblemagic and one or two other generic ones but the bubble ones are the most durable I spin the bag like that you know create some centrifugal force and squeeze the water out before I even pull it out but after I pull this out squeeze a little bit this goes right back into the agitation bucket now one thing about bubble is it can be kind of messy how many times do you rinse it let’s say how many times do you wash it I do three time I wash them three times and then pull it out and pull the hash out I’ll replace the water and go three more times and pull it out together no it’s four backset so I can pull the 220 pull it all the bags together at the bottom if I was using the 25 they’re a lot slower what’s that idea behind you focuses on terpenes right what will happen is separating that material from heads like trifle heads that year you’re melting levels your high grade levels of 73 they’re 90 so what well I mean what we’re doing here is just cool the trip now that the ice sir the heads will bust off when you agitate them and combine the agitation of the drill and the water and the ice separates the heads and filter them through these bags so the red bag is your food bag that’s catching a lot of your contaminants and the more you clean it up really the better year well the more heads yeah because I think there’s there’s kids that come with like six or seven bags oh yeah this has a name accent but putting using all those bags at once it’s kind of hard just having all those all those micron what was separated is you just got to lay out eight different eight different drying sections so for me it’s easier I was just like um I was taught doing this large scale so quicker you can do it the more hash you can make the less bags you’re using the more more you can run well I mean we did 250 pounds of trim in less than a week – I did it with two other guys and it was just constant constant constant you can do this and we run multiple agitation buckets and use one set of bags just keep dumping it through and dumping it through Still has it advantages you know there’s a lot of home it’s not gonna matter I’m not using that large agitation all right here we’re only round about a pound these can fit two and a half if you do five it’s very very hard spent with some other bags you don’t have this material that you can a little stretch let you spin it the bolt bags right there they’re built those ones are built for having a hoist on them Do you find there is material like better? Do you like wet trimmer or do you like dried trim better? Wet trim a lot of chlorophyll comes out in so no, I definitely don’t like wet trim.

Fresh frozen is the best to go with the yield suffers a lot. I prefer dry trim really really really fresh dry trim sugar leaf I find that people trimming from the flowers as they go the closer to the grow it is the better the less time the trichomes have to deteriorate the better just like anything else Yah – you know. It depends on the grower of course. Has water is great to mix drinks with that could be some really tasty lemonade depending on those terpenes oh yeah it goes bad really fast it doesn’t keep very well I had a friend who wanted to move here with it didn’t survive the trip to San Francisco I have him yeah that that’s green so you have to either refrigerate it so I guess but it doesn’t keep even referral we even refrigerated it doesn’t keep doesn’t no I’ve heard stories about people extracting terpenes from hash water but it’s one of those things that’s really the people that are doing it aren’t really trying to teach anybody else tech hogs steam distillation type stuff so this way when we pull our hash out we’re going to mix it with these well yeah we’re going to mix it we’re gonna throw our hash in here with the water so that way we can mix our different runs together and we don’t have to separate them machine trim will always foam so everybody told me the frothier you get it the better or he did it the better off you are with it foam you know anything about foam is more of a nuisance because course I’ve never done it at a large scale spinning it like this is helpful is to get the water out we’re gonna pull the hash out of the bags we’re gonna ice the trim back up and we’re gonna do it again also replace the water yeah bubble is uh is and always has been a pretty messy process you just gotta try to keep everything as clean as you can as sanitary as you can just like any other extract mm-hmm for people to use sure you know the whole solvent was thing good how people catch me honestly good BHO is just as good apples and oranges really all right so 160 bag this is our food grade it a couple of times trying to solid ate it this is why phone is a nuisance I have heard people say that before – that they scrape the foam off the very top and they can run it through their bag coffee filter or something but it doesn’t really make sense like a larger mouth well like what you’re trying to do is separate track them heads from plant material entire comb as you’re gonna sing so some will get caught anywhere but this isn’t gonna be oh yeah this is excellent for edibles it’s stronger than any ah usually 30 40 percent I would say so what I’m doing here is just washing the bagging of the into this storage pocket okay so that’s 160 back now this is 160 bags this is money back this is where the multi stuff will be bagged some friends of mine that love that really love bubble they won’t rosin their 73 back just the best usually if there’s will be run premium materials and you don’t really need to robbing anything yeah I mean no if you’re running nuggets or fresh frozen there’s nothing just tumble the spa and rosin ting it just really good it’s essentially the same thing with good dry so looks like we got a nice Pole here yeah so what I’m doing is just kind of squeezing the water out of here dunking it again washing it out a little bit try to get it all off the sides just by feeling that it really unlucky and sticky now doing this store using this method of storage and run a lot more half and you can just laying it out so you’re doing just single washes you can you’re gonna lay out every every pole this is a nice color too 45 if you want to do a lot go 160 well blue which is 220 red which is 160 or 945 and just keep going and going and going and going you got lower material you don’t want to try this on all your good stuff out with the 75 of these you’re just knowing this trim I mean it’s her machine terms so a lot of its busted up pretty good already despite our out of this some of these folks you know if they’re growing a lot of ha they don’t wanna page members I’m an teacher machine person I’m on my team you got to do this together and it’s just so much hand in the bud holder all right we’re in the final stages dumping out the water we’ve rinsed it three more times well he’s written three more times I’m in moral support get the ice cubes out of the food grid so we got our two runs of 160 mixed together in here if you really want to clean up some air after dumping it separated ones you put in some more food back and spray it through Mac and really clean up some milk it’s funny how ash makers will like try to throw their name on some kind of technique this is this guy jack this is that guy’s more people exist in the world lots of people don’t all sorts of fun so this is French attack this is food grade and this is looking like as light as that is pretty light 160 sleeping this off of the spoon I feel great I’m not gonna see that just because I don’t really want to see that to concerns with applying it even in office because it’s food grade and that’s going into food it doesn’t even need to be dry to go into food now we’re gonna pour our 73 it’s going to be our high grade last time I ran the stream it was in the order of half the 3/4 mouth I was always taught to grade hash by them out you know you’re separating your plant material can you track them so more plant material you died America lesson to catch fire these means I can almost just I’m gonna do momentarily is squeeze the water out of this my hand and fever it air just put it down on the parchment paper what is right even though this is one real big mistake that that that was made because they don’t dry it properly just pull it out of the bag and leave it on there much of the squeeze that are trying to get the water around if it still going to be moisture at the middle and you’re gonna if you bust it up by hand you’re gonna have a bunch of sticky looking pebbles that be discolored they’re not appealing also are there’s moisture it’s mold and never want me even the chance of any mold in your bowl right in here I’m just going to watch this now wet sieving is something I’ve heard about people doing before I even started micro planing but I figured it wouldn’t work with higher hash you just got to leave a little bit of water in it as long as just spread it out through that sieve it’s more surface area means it’ll drag quicker quick dries good for hash realistically a freeze dryer is optimal but they cost a lot of money right now I’m just using the spoon to press this right through the sieve see we got two ounces of 7/3 here and they’d have two boxes that’s probably an ounce to have I’m not too bad for around upon the trim and afterwards if you want to freeze this and get everything off if it gets sticky but if you keep a little moisture in it it will absolutely go so crazy Awesome’s or into our last bag it’s actually not a very big 45 that just means I got everything out a lot of people like to micro play especially if there’s a fresh frozen material because it gets really really sticky but once you throw something in the freezer when you take it out of the freezer it’s gonna absorb moisture which is no good I’ve seen some very good hash turning to dust because of over different greens a hash diff and because we pull the 73 this 45 is really just broken heads it’s gonna be a little bit lower if we took 73 out and geared it more towards work this 45 would be much larger this here is just slightly I mean it’s better than food-grade but it’s not as good as 73 this will be probably quarter melt.

thank you so much for the demonstration so yeah that’s about it bubble hash Thank You Kyle Corrao.

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Edibles vs. Smoking | Is it Better to Eat or Smoke Cannabis?

– Are you new to edibles and have some questions? You’ve come to the right place. Some of the most common questions that we get about using edibles is of course, what is the difference between eating and smoking cannabis? Is one better than the other? And how do I shop for edibles? To answer your questions keep watching and make sure to download our free resource down below. (gentle music) Edibles are foods infused with cannabis such as gummies, cookies, brownies, chocolates and candies. Cannabis can also be used in everyday cooking. Effects can take up to two hours to feel since the food must be digested and then pass through the liver to be put to work.

Sometimes I’ve even heard of it taking four. Since it passes through the liver, the product will be stronger. And for this reason I suggest starting with a lower dose. It is better to have little to no effects than to have too much. The benefit of using an edible is that the effects are deeper, felt more in the body and will last longer. About six to eight hours, this can be really beneficial for getting a good night’s sleep or getting through the day with a lower dose of strong pain meds.

The drawback is that it takes longer to kick in. I highly recommend resisting the urge to take more before feeling the effects. The downside to taking too much is the possibility of high anxiety, excessive paranoia and a rapid heart rate. Cannabis does not affect your primary bodily functions, such as your heart rate or brain function. So no death to overdose has ever been recorded. You can just stop worrying about that right now. Here in Canada, you could currently purchase a single package with a dose of 10 milligrams. If you have never taken edibles before, this is a safe amount for a beginner. Health Canada has chosen to limit the amount to protect consumers from accidentally ingesting too much. If you are wanting to go slower, purchase a package which has multiple units of smaller doses such as a five pack of gummies that are each two milligrams. I like to take edibles in two different situations. Small amounts throughout the day to maintain a pain free happy day and a higher knock me out dose at night that helps me sleep. During the day, I enjoy the two milligram gummies slowly one at a time, and then an hour before bed I’ll take a 10 milligram chocolate to help me get a good night’s sleep.

Now let’s talk about smoking cannabis. I’m gonna stick with the idea of smoking cannabis flower which is the most simple and probably most well known method although there are many, many other ways to smoke cannabis. Traditionally, cannabis has been smoked by rolling it into a joint or cigarette or packing it into the bowl of a pipe. The benefit to this method of ingestion is that the effects are usually felt immediately. This is beneficial for someone with a severe palsy or seizures, people with extreme pain or someone suffering from panic or high anxiety. Since the effects are felt quickly, a smaller amount can be used. Now the disadvantage to smoking is that the effects can wear off quickly. So although the user is only consuming a small amount, they have to continue several times throughout the day. Smoking creates more of a euphoric head-high compared to the body-high felt with edibles. Now I hope that this video has helped you make an informed decision about cannabis, whether you’re eating it or smoking it.

The purpose of our channel is to give our audience the best information about cannabis and its benefits to empower and educate. Before you click out of this video, be sure to download our free resources below and we’ll see you in the next video. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Please give me a like, comment below and subscribe to my channel. (gentle music).

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